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Required Postings

July 2nd, 2024

Milestone Inspections

This Notice is required to go out within (14) days of receiving notice from the city per Section 553.899, Florida Statutes. The Phase One of the Milestone Inspection must be completed by December 31st of this year, but since we got this notice (Postmarked on 28 June 2024), the date we must complete our Phase One Inspection will be December 25, 2024. If structural defects are found, then we will have 180 days to get a Phase Two Inspection. If a Phase Two Inspection is needed, we will have 365 Days to get that completed as well. ALL Owners by law will get a copy of the Milestone Inspection reports when it is completed.

PLEASE SEE ATTACHED --> Click HERE to read notice from city officials.


- This notice being posted to the association website is required by Section 553.899 (5), Florida Statutes.

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